Engaging Boys and Young Men in Promoting Healthy Relationships and Non-Violence

While most men do not condone violence, most violence, against women or men, is committed by men. Although targeting boys and men for preventive intervention would seem to provide the greatest return for our investment, most interventions have historically been victim-centered. Fortunately, a paradigmatic shift in our public health approach to violence prevention now calls … Continued

The Impact of Housing Instability on Children Who Experience Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children. In Connecticut, 1,207 adults and 972 children were sheltered in FY 2017 with domestic violence shelters operating at 122% capacity throughout the year. Additionally, during that same time period, a total of 101 women and children were living in domestic violence transitional housing … Continued

Providing Primary Healthcare to Children in Shelter

Every year, close to 1,000 children reside in Connecticut’s domestic violence shelters, with many more coming into contact with community domestic violence organizations. Most children residing in domestic violence shelters have experienced significant trauma through exposure to violence and many have suffered other forms of maltreatment prior to entry to shelter. They are at higher … Continued

Conference Explores Tools to Engage Parents and Caregivers

By Kelly Annelli, MHSV, Director of Member Organization Services, CCADV In September of 2017, I had the privilege of attending the Futures Without Violence National Conference which focused on intimate partner violence and healthcare. One of the preconference workshops I attended was titled “Connected Parents, Connected Kids: A Training Curriculum on ACEs, DV and Child … Continued

Documenting a Parent’s IPV Screen in the Child’s Medical Record

By Jillian Gilchrest, MSW In late September, Futures Without Violence held their National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence in San Francisco, CA. As Director of Health Professional Outreach for the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and a member of the clinical care core of The Children’s Center on Family Violence, I was interested to … Continued

Center Hosts Fall Symposium with Local and National Experts

On September 21, The Children’s Center on Family Violence (CCFV) hosted its second symposium – Opportunities for Enhanced Practice: Supporting Resiliency in Children Exposed to Family Violence. Approximately 100 people attended the day-long event featuring national and local experts addressing the impact of family violence on children and best practices for responding to promote resiliency. … Continued

Advisory Board Convenes

By Garry Lapidus, PA-C, MPH; CCFV Advisory Board Chair Any new endeavor presents challenges. Support and guidance from experts can reduce difficulties and enhance a new organizations odds of success. In recognition of this, The Children’s Center on Family Violence (CCFV) co- directors, Karen Jarmoc (CEO, Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence) and Dr. Nina Livingston, … Continued

Meeting the needs of children in shelter

The first major project of the Children’s Center on Family Violence is focused on a pilot of a new shelter screening tool. The purpose of the screen, which is currently being utilized in three domestic violence shelters in Connecticut, is to determine if children entering shelter with their caregiver may benefit from assistance with emotional … Continued

Family Violence Shapes How Children Perceive the World

by Damion Grasso, PhD It’s fascinating to watch young children begin to interact with and understand our world – everything a question and a discovery. All of this newness is instrumental in fine-tuning their fast-developing brains, which need nurturance and stimulation to grow to their potential. These experiences are necessary for reaching developmental competencies, such … Continued

Shared Parenting May Harm Children Experiencing Family Violence

The Connecticut General Assembly is currently considering a measure, Senate Bill 1049, that would create a presumption of shared custody and shared parenting in child custody cases heard before the court. Unfortunately, any such presumption could have serious implications for victims of domestic violence and their children involved in such cases. By creating a presumption … Continued