What does the Children's Center hope to achieve?


Systems serving children impacted by family violence are consistently using evidence-based practices. As a result, children affected by family violence are more resilient, live in homes where healthy, pro-social interactions are the norm, and achieve optimal healthy development.

Group 480


We are a multidisciplinary center seeking to improve outcomes for children impacted by family violence. We will engage systems responding to these children and work with them to advance research and evaluation, promote evidence-based best practices through education and training, and strengthen policy at agency, state and federal levels.


Core Strategies for Impact

  • Research & Evaluation: Develop and evaluate trauma-informed, culturally relevant best practices for children impacted by family violence.
  • Education & Training: Engage community members, students, and professionals from multiple disciplines to better understand and implement best practices for supporting children impacted by family violence.
  • Clinical Care: Develop, implement, and promote evidence-based best practices in victim advocacy, mental health, and medical care for children impacted by family violence.
  • Public Policy & Advocacy: Advance the field of family violence by providing public officials and policymakers with insight on evidence-based best practices to inform the adoption of policies, laws, and regulations.
Group 482